Better Health

Through Re-establishing Iron Balance

Introducing our new and enhanced formula for iron detox and uptake support . Our unique formula combines powerful nutrients for a synergistic blend and compounded results and benefits.



Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) is promoted as the #1 deficiency in our world today. But is it?

In reality, true iron deficiency anemia is rare today, however iron overload or storage of iron in your body’s tissue is common, but often goes unrecognized.

When iron is not bio-available or properly bound, it is improperly stored in your tissue resulting in what can have the appearance of anemia (lack of iron in your blood). However, it is most probable that you are not really lacking iron – your body simply cannot use the abundance that you are exposed to properly. The true deficiency is not in iron, but the essential enzymes, minerals and nutrients required for iron to be properly bound and utilized. The improper storage of iron in your tissue leads to oxidation / inflammation, or better put – rust. Just as if you left a tool outside and it begins to rust after a few days of rain, your body is no different as over time this inflammation will lead to a decrease of your health and well-being.

A simple search on PubMed for “iron overload” will show leading researchers and documents on this subject. Unfortunately, it is not well practiced by most health professionals today. Our goal is to inspire others to change this as your health demands truth and leading research be put into practice.


If you are here we believe you are supposed to know the information we are sharing as it will serve an important purpose in your life and overall health. You want to know how to bring your body into nutritional balance and optimize your health and Inspired Solutions has the solutions to achieve that. We are built on innovation from practicing health pioneers to bring awareness to issues such as iron overload and the required enzymes, minerals and nutrients needed for proper iron utilization. We offer leading integrative solutions such as iDetox to bring balance to your health.


iDetox is a blend of premium natural ingredients that aid the body to detoxify and eliminate unbound iron so that overload can be corrected. It is a synergistic blend of nutrients that also boosts immune health and provides for the reduction of cellular inflammation. When added to your daily health regimen, iDetox has a positive impact on your overall health as it brings balance to the iron in your body, which is the foundation to the oxidative stress that will damage your health over time. It’s time to change your health and address the true deficiencies so you can look and feel your best.


Due to lifestyle factors such consumption of nutrient depleted foods, processed foods, excess alcohol and smoking, combined with the synthetic fortification of our food supply and synthetic vitamin protocols, plus the over consumption of non-organic meats and wheat products, every person is subject to nutrient and mineral imbalances. When any of these factors are left unchecked, it can result in a decline of your health and wellness.

Iron overload, caused by excess, unbound iron, is being recognized by leading researchers and practitioners world-wide. iDetox is your opportunity to protect yourself as you learn more about the true deficiencies of essential nutrients that is likely impacting your health and those you love.

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