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Recommended Books on the Subject of Iron Overload

  • Iron - The Most Toxic Metal, by Jym Moon, PhD
  • Exposing the Hidden Dangers of Iron, by E.D. Weinberg, PhD
  • The Iron Elephant, 2nd Edition by Roberta Crawford
  • The Iron Time Bomb by Bill Sardi
  • Dumping Iron - How to Ditch this Secret Killer and Reclaim your Health by P.D. Mangan


Mengo Children's Foundation

Mengo Children’s Foundation (MCF) is a children’s charity founded in 2012 to promote the welfare and to improve the living conditions of vulnerable children and orphans in rural Uganda.


L.E.A.R.N. Horse Rescue

L.E.A.R.N. Horse Rescue rehabilitate and retrain each rescue horse with the ultimate goal of finding a lifelong home for each deserving soul.